The Internet connects the entire planet.
Its time we start using those connections for good.
The Digital Intimacy Intitute is dedicated to pushing web technology into the realms of love, sex, and spirit.


For the first time in history we actually have the tools to connect to every American and the rest of the planet, too!, The Web is being grossly under-used for its true purpose! It's time to stop seeing the internet as a cool way to buy your books and start seeing it as a digital love machine!



examples of projects include: HugNation | Virtual Grace

HugNation (aka "Virtual Group Hug")
HugNation is a weekly event that makes it possible, for the first time EVER for people world-wide to "touch" one another and remind us that we are infinitely more alike than we are different. For the first time in history, shared physical space is no longer a prerequisite for a shared experience.

People all around the world would MUCH rather hug you than hurt you. In these times, it is important to be reminded of that.


Virtual Grace
A yearly Thanksgiving gathering of love and sharing online. Thanks to the web, being physically by yourself doesn't have to mean being alone on special days.
Transcript from 2001 Grace.



Founder's note (written right after 9/11, when The Digital Intimacy Institute was born):

It is a time of grief in the world, but it is also a time of hope.

We need to make sure that the love we feel towards our neighbors doesn't diminish as 9-11 fades into history. Lets maintain these feelings of connectedness. Lets make them grow!

War time breeds fear, separation, and anger. But we do not have to let those "bad" parts of humanity take over. We can embrace the "good" parts that we saw from New Yorkers and our neighbors in the wake of tragedy. Lets work hard not to forget what we are capable when we let the gold inside us shine.

The American flags and nationalism are AWESOME. But there is bigger, world-wide camaraderie that needs to be fostered.

People all around the world would MUCH rather hug you than hurt you. In these times, it is important to be reminded of that..

The Internet is begging us to use it to connect this global community of compassion.





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